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International Space Station

If the image is black, it's dark where the station is!
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Some facts about the International Space Station
Courtesy of NASA

The International Space Station is a unique place, a convergence of science, technology and human innovation that demonstrates new technologies and makes research breakthroughs not possible on Earth.

  • It has an international crew of six, that live and work while traveling at a speed of five miles per second, orbiting Earth every 90 minutes. or 16 times per day
  • The space station has been continuously occupied since November 2000. In that time, 222 people from 18 countries have visited.
  • Crew members spend about 35 hours each week conducting research, areas include Earth, space, physical and biological sciences for the benefit of people living on our home planet.
  • After the moon, it the next brightest object in the sky and can be seen with the naked eye.
  • The solar array wingspan is just under 74 metres
  • Fifty-two computers control the systems on the ISS.
  • The ISS weighs almost 420,000kg
  • The ISS measures 110 metres end-to-end.
  • 3.3 million lines of software code on the ground support 1.8 million lines of flight software code.
  • Eight miles of wire connects the electrical power system.
  • In the International Space Station's U.S. segment alone, 1.5 million lines of flight software code run on 44 computers, communicating via 100 data networks, transferring 400,000 signals.
  • The entire 55-foot robot arm assembly is capable of lifting 100,000kg, which is the weight of a space shuttle orbiter.
  • The 75 to 90 kilowatts of power for the ISS is supplied by an acre of solar panels.

  • Spot the ISS in your location